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1. Lake Vesuvius Rock House Trail: This 8-mile trail is a moderately difficult hike that takes you through the beautiful forest and around Lake Vesuvius, with an option to explore the unique rock house formation.

2. Symmes Creek Trail: A scenic 17-mile loop offering views of sandstone cliffs, old growth forests, creeks and diverse wildlife habitats; it's considered moderate in difficulty level.

3. Wildcat Hollow Hiking Trail: An easy-to-moderate hiking path spanning approximately 15 miles which winds its way through pine groves as well as hardwood trees providing ample opportunities for bird watching.

4. Morgan Sisters Trails System - North Country/Scenic River Loop: The trails offer two loops totaling about nine miles featuring wildflowers during springtime along with sightings of deer or turkey throughout most seasons.

5. Archers Fork Backpacking Trial: It’s a challenging but rewarding route stretching over twelve miles showcasing natural arches formed by erosion on sandstones while also passing oil wells from early twentieth century.

6. Stone Church Horse/Hiking/Bike Trials: These multi:use trials cover more than twenty-one mile stretch across rolling hills making them suitable for hikers looking forward to longer treks or mountain biking enthusiasts seeking thrilling rides downhill.

7. Covered Bridge Scenic Byway (Ohio Route26): Although not strictly speaking a walking trial this picturesque drive can be enjoyed at leisurely pace stopping off points like Rinard covered bridge allowing visitors opportunity take short hikes into surrounding woods.

8. Buckeye/North Country National Scenic Trial: Stretching nearly thirty-two hundred kilometers between New York Vermont border Dakota plains Ohio section passes right Wayne Forest giving access some best parts park including areas near Leith Run Recreation Area.

9. Vest Berne Off Highway Vehicle (OHV)Trailhead: While primarily designed motorized vehicles these routes are open all year round walkers bikers alike offering challenging terrain along with stunning views over Ohio River Valley.

10. Monday Creek OHV Trail System: This 75-mile trail system is primarily for off-road vehicles, but hikers can also use it to explore the forest's diverse ecosystems and wildlife habitats.

11. Ironton Ranger District - Lake Vesuvius Lakeshore Loop: A family-friendly loop of about two miles that circles around lake providing ample opportunities picnicking swimming during summer months while winter time ice fishing popular activity here.

12. Pine Run Day Use Area: The area offers a short hiking trial suitable for families or beginners looking forward to enjoy picnic by creek after leisurely walk through woods.